Moussow Women Music Video is here!

“Moussow Women is a beautiful song & video recognizing and celebrating the empowerment of women in Africa and all around the world.” -Becky P.

The Mali America Music project is going great! We released our first single called “Moussow Women” on streaming 2 weeks ago, and we just released the official music video online. We also brought it to the National Mali Television and Radio network who has been broadcasting it throughout Mali. The next step in the project will be recording 2-3 more songs and and filming another official music video for the song Bara which means work. People love music videos, and it’s the best way to share music and promote a new song. 

We are so grateful to everyone for their support in the project! We’ve had some great reception both in Mali and the US and abroad. People feel that the song has a beautiful message and that the video is inspiring. Please share it with anyone you know who loves music.

If you do streaming, the song is live on all music streaming platforms, for direct links visit:  https://papazanidiabaté

GoFundMe Link: