“Papa Zani” Diabaté

From Bamako, Mali, West Africa


(Pah’peece Zah’ nee Djuh-bah’tay)

Born into a Griot family of musicians in Mali, West Africa, Sinaly Papus Diabaté known as “Papa Zani” Diabaté began his study of the drum at the age of seven. In keeping with the Griot tradition of versatile musicianship, Diabaté plays many traditional instruments (including balaphone, dun-dun, and guitar) and is a master of the Djembe and the Bondialan of Ségou (a traditional Bambara drum played with sticks).

He has performed in Africa and America with internationally acclaimed groups and solo artists such as the Super Djata Band, Percussion Fabla, Les Ballets Maliens, L’Assemblée Nationale de Mali, Babatunde Olatunji and Oumou Sangare.

Working with some of the most highly accomplished West African drummers and dancers in the U.S., Diabaté has performed and taught at colleges and universities up and down the East Coast – such as Brown, Connecticut College, the University of Greensboro, and Brandeis University.  

He has also performed at venues in NYC, Providence, and Boston, and played in the ’97 New Orleans Jazz Festival.  He has also taught and performed in Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, and France.

Sinaly Papus Diabaté is a gifted teacher who has enlightened the lives of many with his music. He still has many dedicated students in the Boston and Portsmouth area who depend on him for inspiration, encouragement, and expertise- who he teaches over Zoom.

E-mail: [email protected]

Facebook Page: @papuszani

Instagram: @papuszanidiabate

Lindsey Schust

From Andover, New Hampshire, USA

LINDSEY SCHUST is a composer, singer-songwriter, pianist and percussionist from rural New Hampshire.  Lindsey’s music reflects a kaleidoscope of musical traditions.  When you listen to her songs, you can hear echoes of African Drumming, Classical composition, Latin percussion, choral singing, country music, and folk music.  

Her first Spanish Album, “Dónde Está mi corazón”, was inspired by Afro-Cuban rhythms and a Tufts University tour to Cuba in 2003.  Her song  “Café Con leche” won an award in the Global Rhythm Magazine (now Relix) songwriting competition in December 2006.  Her track “Mama Lele” was nominated for a “Just Plain Folks” Independent Music Award in 2009. 

Since 2011, Lindsey has moved into country, folk, Americana fusion.  She now directs her family band (Lindsey Schust & the Ragged Mountain Band), and writes songs in a variety of genres and writes instrumental music.  Lindsey graduated cum laude from Brandeis with a degree in music and received her Master’s degree in music composition from Tufts University. Her latest album 2022 is called Country Way and can be streamed on all platforms. It includes songs: Parallel Lines, Hippie Hill, Sugar Shock, God’s Hotel, Probably Shoudn’t-a and Country Way

Website:  www.lindseyschustmusic.com

E-mail: [email protected]

Facebook Page: @lindseyschustmusic

Instagram: @lindseyschust