Building a community garden in Wancoro

As an offshoot of the album, we raised money through our GoFundMe to grant $600 to the village of Wancoro, so they can build a large community garden. Papa Zani hand delivered the grant on July 5, 2023. Since then the women of Wancoro have purchased a plot of land and started planting and growing food.

Wancoro is a subsistence farm with no electricity and only one shallow dug well with no pump. With a large garden they will be able to grow enough crops to sell a portion at market and earn some income for the village. Papa Zani has been going to Wancoro to play music for years, and he is excited to help the women build their garden. The head of the women’s work cooperative is named Massitan and she will oversee the project. We are very lucky to be able to give back to such an amazing village. They are part of the inspiration for our upcoming song “MOUSSOW” (women). Papa Zani filmed them for our music video last time he was there.

Trip to Wancoro: July 5, 2023 with Papa Zani Diabaté

See slide show below women in Wancoro hard at work.

Mali BOGOLON FINI (mudcloth) depicts a village scene